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Officer Involved Domestic Violence and Domestic Violence are topics that Nanette brings out of the darkness and into the light. It is through speaking publicly and educating communities that an understanding of the complexities about this epidemic is achieved.   

Public Speaker

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Keynote Addresses

Hear Nanette’s story of verbal and psychological abuse inflicted via a law enforcement officer, the incidents of abuse, reporting her offender and how she has gained courage, strength, compassion and triumphed moving forward in her life.

Conference Workshops

Officer Involved Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence 101

Domestic Violence 101

Warning signs, tactics utilized by offenders, coping mechanisms used by victims, victim blaming, the impact of domestic abuse in our communities

Officer Involved DV

Nanette’s story, reporting barriers, common tactics used by law enforcement in their professions that carries over into the abusive relationship, challenges faced by program advocates when an offender in their community is in law enforcement, what law enforcement can do

Domestic Violence Education

“Domestic Violence 101” & “Officer Involved Domestic Violence” – Community organizations, charitable events, schools, churches/synagogues, corporations, non-profits, law enforcement, domestic abuse advocates/programs

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