2019 conference season is off to a great start.

On Tuesday, April 9, 2019, I co-presented with Mr. Mark Wynn at the Conference On Crimes Against Women in Dallas, TX. This conference attracts over 2,300 people and it continues to grow each year.

On Friday, April 12, I presented at the Domestic Violence Prevention Academy in Grand Junction, CO. This academy takes place every year at Colorado Mesa University. This conference attracts 100 or so professionals.

Each conference attracts a mix of program advocates, system advocates, DA’s, social workers, healthcare professionals, criminal justice students and law enforcement.

Every time I speak publicly, I always have a program advocate reach out to me and tell me that he or she has a client that has endured Officer Involved Domestic Violence. It doesn’t surprise me, but it seems to surprise audience members that this is very prevalent in the law enforcement community. I always refer to this subject as the elephant in the room.

As I continue to speak publicly, I have more and more survivors of OIDV reach out to me. They usually find me because a program advocate that has listened to me speak informs them of me. People find me on social media as well. It is crucial that I continue to make a plea to audience members to have their clients reach out to me. It always helps to have a voice on the other end of the line that gets it.

Speaking about OIDV is my passion and it is necessary. I will not stop.

My next stop is Florida, in June, to speak at the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence Rural Institute in Dade City.