October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Although I do participate in a variety of events during the month, I work every month to create awareness.

Domestic violence does not rest. It happens 24/7, 365 days a year. It does not recognize holidays, weekends or birthdays. Violence is never-ending in society.

Although my relationship ended four years ago, I still have moments when I remember his acts of verbal and mental abuse. As time goes on, we heal and we learn to monitor and control our thoughts so memories are less painful.

I never forget to remember those that are still in their abusive relationships and those that have recently departed their relationships. I never cease to think that there are women and kids that are living in fear while I am speaking at a conference or writing a blog.

I was at the NCADV Conference in September, in Washington D.C. During lunch, one of the speakers asked us to think of someone that we are at the conference for. It was easy for me: I was there for Jerrie. Jerrie is woman that writes to me occasionally updating me on her trials and tribulations as she works her way through the system trying to maintain her family while being subjected to abuse-by-proxy in our court system.

I stopped speaking and writing for myself a long time ago. I do it for the women – the 8 or so women – that have reached out to me that are OIDV survivors this year alone.

I will never cease talking.