What is the Courage Corner?

Nanette’s programming is designed to educate communities about the complexities of domestic abuse and various forms of violence.

The platforms are designed to educate about:

Early warning signs that a relationship is toxic and abusive

Resources for victims, friends, family, and co-workers.


The prevalence of domestic abuse inflicted in our society


Officer Involved Domestic Violence


The various types of abuse under the umbrella of domestic abuse

Why abusive personalities inflict harm


The barriers victims face in reporting


The attitudes within society that harm those that want to come forward or those that have come forward to disclose their abuse

Hello! I’m Nanette

Writer, Public Speaker, Survivor

Born in Detroit, MI, and raised in Des Moines, IA, Nanette moved to Denver, CO in 1996 for a change of scenery and new life experiences. In 2015, she met a man and her life changed. A survivor of a verbally and psychologically abusive relationship with a law enforcement officer, Nanette’s passion is educating the public about domestic abuse via her personal story.

Nanette is a public speaker educating about Officer Involved Domestic Violence, verbal and psychological abuse, the various types of abuse that fall under the umbrella of domestic abuse, how abuse impacts communities and the early warning signals that manifest in a new relationship.

An avid writer, she writes a Facebook community page, “The Courage Corner – Domestic Abuse Awareness”. She writes of verbal and psychological tactics utilized by abusive personalities, self-care tips, unhealthy behavior, speaking up about domestic abuse and shaming and blaming tactics used by society and offenders.

Nanette is an active public speaker and educator about domestic abuse and she volunteers with various domestic abuse organizations in her home state of Colorado and nationally.